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Which Foods Naturally Contain Calcium (For a Dairy-Free Diet)?

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that we’ve just launched two brand-new milks: our Good Hemp Creamy Seed Milk and Good Hemp Barista Seed Milk, both of which come in ambient or chilled.

These new guys are the result of year hard at work trying to create the most natural product out there, one that was as close as possible to the glorious hemp seed itself. We’ve taken out the emulsifier, we’ve removed the stabiliser, we’ve cut the sugar. What’s left is a milk made from crushed hemp seeds, water and a plant-based gellan gum (which keeps everything bound together). It’s still packed with natural omega-3 and – as we’re pleased to report – tastes fuller and creamier than ever.

Since launch however, we’ve had a couple of comments from our community asking why we’ve removed the calcium. The answer is that we wanted to make a product that was as close to the hemp seed as possible, and fortifying our hemp drink with calcium no longer felt like the right choice. But we understand you want to make sure you and your family are getting the correct nutrients, so we’ve put together this easy guide for adding calcium to your diet. All are suitable for vegans, of course.

Leafy Greens

When it comes to kale, collard greens, pak choy, and spinach, it’s hardly news that they’re good for you. But did you know just how good for you (one cup of collards greens packs 25% of your daily calcium needs ) and how easy they are to eat? Add a handful of spinach to your smoothie, or wilt some pak choy in you grain bowl.


So you know that tofu packs a punch when it comes to protein, but did you know that half a cup supplieds 86% of calcium RDA? Try making a turmeric tofu scramble for breakfast, tossing it into a salad or stirring it into a stir-fry.  

Dried figs

Dried fruits are an excellent source of calcium, and they’re so easy to carry around so you can stock up on the go. Our personal favourite is dried figs – just five of them provide 15% or your RDA of calcium.


Beans, beans the musical fruit; the more you eat, the more…. your bones become big and strong. Pinto, white and black beans are especially great sources of calcium (and fibre, protein and iron too). It’s as simple as making a tortilla.

Sesame Seeds

You know what sesame seeds make? Tahini. And you know what tahini makes? Hummus. Yes, that’s right – we just gave you a legit reason to polish off a tub of the good stuff a day. If you need to quote the facts, then a quarter of a cup of sesame seeds has 350mg of calcium (that’s more than 250ml of milk.)


Sesame seeds are to tahini what almonds are to… almond butter. That’s right, another excuse to eat something delicious in the name of calcium. A large handful of raw nuts provides a quarter of your daily calcium intake, and they also contain fibre, manganese and vitamin E.

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