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5 Best Self-Care Smoothies with Hemp

So smoothies are nothing new. Regina George would most definitely be over them by now. But unlike fetch, there’s a reason why smoothies have stuck. Smoothies are an effective way of getting the nutrients your body needs in one gulp.

Of course, we think the perfect base to any smoothie is Good Hemp Creamy Seed Milk. But before you accuse us of tooting our own horn, hear us out. Starting with Good Hemp Creamy Seed Milk means every smoothie will have a good dose of omegas 3, 6 and 9 which are crucial nutrients for brain, skin and heart health. While most people get their omegas from oily fish, hemp is a plant-based alternative which seriously packs a punch (not that we actively punch meat-eaters of course…). In fact, one glass contains twice as many omegas as a tuna steak.

Secondly, when you use hemp milk, you’re making one of the greenest smoothies of all time (and it doesn’t even have to be green). Confused? Well hemp milk is one of the most eco-friendly plant-milks there is. It’s made from a super sustainable crop that breathes in four times more CO2 than the same area of trees and doesn’t need any pesticides or herbicides to grow.

Whether green, red or orange, we all have our favourite smoothies. But how much do you know about the nutrients inside and what they’re good for? Whether it’s muscle repair, energy or even just a hangover cure, these are our top five favourite self-care smoothies.

1. Pineapple Hemp Smoothie for Immunity

Right. What are the go-to ingredients when you’re sick? Ginger, turmeric, manuka honey. Sound about right? But why wait until you’re actually ill before getting these nutrients into your diet? Whether you’re at the office, school or kids playground, germs are constantly on the attack – start your day with this smoothie and build up a resistance.

Recipe: 120ml Good Hemp Creamy Seed Milk, 1 banana, 1 cup frozen pineapple, 1 cup spinach, 1 2cm piece of ginger, 1 2cm piece of turmeric or 2 tsps tumeric powder, 1 tbsp manuka honey

2. Peanut Hemp Smoothie for Muscle Repair 

You know when you’re craving something rich so you stick a spoon in a pot of peanut butter? This is one step above that. This green smoothie is one of our absolute favourites. It’s packed with plant-based protein from hemp seeds, hemp protein and peanut butter all of which help with muscle repair plus the added antioxidants from spinach. 

Recipe: 120ml Good Hemp Creamy Seed Milk, 1 large ripe banana, 2 tbsps Good Hemp Seed Hearts, 2 tbsps peanut butter, 2 cups spinach, 1 tbsp Good Hemp Protein (optional)

3. Matcha Hemp Smoothie for Energy 

What did we do before matcha? Drink a lot more coffee, that’s what. Originating from Japan, matcha is the result of grinding green tea leaves into a powder. It contains high levels of L-Theanine (amino acids found in green tea) as well as caffeine (about 1/23 of the amount found in coffee) Together, these ingredients work to give increased mental clarity and energy.

Recipe: 200ml Creamy Seed Milk, 1 Banana, 200g spinach, 2 tsp matcha powder, 2 tbsp hemp seeds, a few vanilla bean shavings (scrape from the pod), honey or agave to taste

Good Hemp Berry Smoothie Ageing

4. Hemp & Berry Antioxidant Smoothie for Ageing

We’re cool with ageing. Especially the part where people give us their seats on the bus. But when we say ageing, what we really mean is oxidative stress which is the root of a bunch of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, blood pressure and more. Antioxidants are natural protectors, which help fight free radicals and limit the amount of oxidative stress on the body. It just so happens that berries are full of them and pretty delicious. Throw in some hemp seeds for a bit of plant-based protein and you’re in for a winner.

Recipe: 100ml of Good Hemp Creamy Seed Milk 450g berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries), , a handful of hemp seeds, 1 banana

5. Avo Green Smoothie for a Hangover 

We’ve all been there. And while we’re not promoting a night of drinking, we are giving you a solution for the morning after. This hemp milk smoothie is packed with plant-based protein that will help with the fatigue, while the cinnamon promotes the body’s most powerful antioxidant, gluthiatione. Alcohol blocks the body’s ability to hold on to water which is what leads to dehydration and the loss of electrolytes like potassium and sodium. Bananas and avocado are a great way to get potassium levels back up.

Recipe: 120ml Good Hemp Creamy Seed Milk, 2 tbsp hemp seeds, ½ an avocado, 1 banana, 1 tbsp cinnamon, 1tbsp manuka honey, handful of spinach


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