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Whay “Barista” and “Creamy”?

We’ve spent years perfecting our hemp milk recipe, and the two most important aspects were 1. Having a milk that foamed up and tasted brilliantly in coffee, and 2. Having a milk with as few ingredients as possible, that still tasted delicious and creamy without any added sweetness. Of course our Barista milk is still super creamy and our Creamy can be used in teas and coffees – we just wanted the names of our products to describe what we like so much about them. The difference is that Barista has malt extract added for sweetness to cut through coffee and an acidicty regulator to help it foam, Creamy is nice and simple with only 3 ingredients (and no sugar!). That said, if you think you have better product names – let us know! @goodhemp on social or email [email protected].

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